Melanoma Research Alliance Retreat – Poster Speaker. “Pathology of B cell and neutrophil infiltration in the YUMMER1.7 mouse model of spontaneous melanoma tumor regression”, Washington, DC, USA. Year 2019.

Top Expert Webinar Speaker, “Practical approaches for using Tissue Cytometry for clinical and research applications”, TissueGnostics, Asia Pacific, China. Year 2020.

“The spatial dynamics of the human tumor immune microenvironment (TIME)”, European Association for Cancer Research. Year 2021.

“Artificial intelligence for TIME, tumor immune microenvironment”, Australian Society of Molecular Imaging. Year 2021.

“HER2 Heterogeneity”, Translational Science Forum, Invited Lecturer, San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. San Antonio, Texas. Year 2021.

“Embracing Complexity in Modern Pathology”, A DAB of Color: Multicolor IHC. Invited Lecturer, Joint Winter Meeting of the Pathological Society and the Royal Society of Medicine. London, UK. Year 2022.

“Tumor Immune Profiles of Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer”, New York University Polyethnic 1000 Consortium Meeting. Cornell University. Ithaca, NY, USA. Year 2022.

“Melanoma Research Alliance Retreat” Session Chair “Special Focus – Highlighting MRA Young Investigator Awardees”, Washington, DC. Year 2022.

“Image analysis-based TILs measurement predicts breast cancer pCR in the SWOG S0800 neoadjuvant chemotherapy trial”, SWOG Fall Meeting, Chicago, IL. Year 2022.

“Pre-existing autoantibodies as predictive biomarkers of treatment emergent adverse events”, ALLIANCE Fall Meeting, Chicago, IL. Year 2022.

“Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes: Important until They’re Not”, Invited Speaker, Clinical Science Symposium Discussant, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Chicago, IL. Year 2023.

The Jackson Laboratory and Yale Cancer Centers Joint Workshop (Organizer; Co-Chair: Speaker): “Deciphering the Tumor Microenvironment Using Advanced Experimental and Analytical Tools”, Farmington, CT, USA. Year 2021.

Yale Women Health Equity Fireside Chat (Panelist), New Haven, CT, USA. Year 2022.

Yale New Haven Health, Smilow Cancer Hospital, Panel Moderator, “Smilow Shares Webinar: Perspectives on the USPSTF Breast Screening Recommendations”. New Haven, CT, USA. Year 2023.

University of Massachusetts, Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems (MaPS), Chan Medical School, “Autoantibodies in Health and Disease”, Worcester, MA, USA. Year 2023

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